Pre-Order: ALDO Baston Buckle Lock Lady Bag

ALDO Baston Buckle Lock Lady Bag
Color: Black

restock: 1 unit available to order

Price: -
Delivery: RM 10.00

Size: 29cm x 18cm
Material: PU

Patent mock croc finish
Grab handle to the top with a gold-tone push clasp fastening

Pre-order takes 15-20 working days to arrive
50% deposit upon confirmation
No back out please


Oniey said...

hi, boleh tau yg ni bape RM?

Kiut Shop said...

Hi, yg ni dah out of stock. tq :)

Kiut Shop said...

Oniey, ada 1 unit available utk order. Price RM 160 + 10
Let me know asap ya kalau nak..Tq

oniey said...

dear,if i nak brape lama boleh smpai?

Kiut Shop said...

Sorry, dh sold out again :(
I think dh tk restock ni

oniey said...

{Ready Stock} Pre-loved: DKNY Town & Country Equestrian Satchel

yg ni pun dh sold out ke?

Kiut Shop said...

Ada lg..please email me :)